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Congratulations! You’re getting married! Shouldn’t choosing your wedding officiant should be the least stressful part of planning? Rev. Jim Beidle makes it easy.

The Wedding Officiant’s Role

Your wedding officiant has a small, but crucial, role in your wedding day. Whether your ceremony is a huge affair for two-hundred guests or an intimate gathering with family and close friends this is the person who is going bring all of your dreams and plans to, “I do”. You need a wedding officiant with skill and experience that you can trust.

In Washington, we have a lot of choice in whom you can trust to officiate your wedding. Firstly, you may go to the courthouse and have a judge marry you. Another possibility is if you’re a member of a spiritual or religious tradition an ordained minister in that tradition may help you tie the knot. Thirdly, choosing to have a friend or a family member become your officiant is an option.

Each of those options have value and they also have flaws. For example, you can only make an appointment on a specific day and time with the judge. In many religious traditions, however, you must be a member, and you may only get to marry in one of their traditional locations. Cousin Billy is funny, and sometimes inappropriate, and has never spoken before a crowd of people.

For many people, the best choice is a professional wedding officiant. A professional wedding officiant is experienced, flexible, and will travel to you. The professional wedding officiant will work within your needs, wants and desires to make your wedding day the greatest.

How Your Wedding Officiant Helps

There is a flurry of activity going on as you choose a venue, organize catering, get a photographer, … so many details. What music will you choose? What colors?

And the Ceremony! How do you write the vows? Should there be candles, or some special celebration of your union? Where do you even stand in front of those people?

Choosing a professional wedding officiant takes the stress out of that part of the planning. I have ceremonies written for all kinds of situations; from a simple elopement to a ceremony to rival Meghan Markle’s.

Carissa and Daniel chose a more traditional style of wedding.

The Ways I Will Help You

If you are an working with a wedding planner or event coordinator, I can work with them to make your day flawless. However, if you’re doing it all on your own, I can provide tools that make your planning easier. Above all, on the day of the wedding, I will help you keep focused on the fun.

I make it easy, fun and affordable with packaged pricing from $300 to $700. Most couples choose to spend about $375 for their ideal ceremony. Find out more on the Packages and Services pages.

180120 Karen & Eric
Eric and Karen chose a casual Micro Wedding at their Camano Island cabin.

You choose the style from casual to formal, traditional or innovative, and secular or religious. I tailor each of our offerings to meet your needs.

At Weddings with Reverend Jim Beidle, I strive to make your ceremony an enjoyable experience. The memories I help you create will build your lives foundation. Whether you’ve known each other for six months or sixty years, the wedding ceremony crowns your time as individuals and launches you on the partnership of your lifetimes.

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