How Much Does a Professional Wedding Officiant Cost?

And where does Ceremonies by Jim Beidle fit in?

At a recent Wedding Professionals conference, IAPWO, the International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants posed the above question. They collected the answers in this video:

Notice these thirty-six professionals come from all over the US and Canada. As you might expect, their prices for custom ceremonies are across the spectrum, and depend on their location and experience, and the experience they provide. The average is somewhere around $950 across two countries.

What does that mean?

What are you actually getting from your IAPWO Professional Officiant?

  • You’re getting a trained, experienced celebrant who knows how to create the best experience for your ceremony.
  • A dedicated professional who follows a Code of Ethics, not because they have to, but because they want to.
  • An officiant that understands the laws and regulations around marriage in your location. Important when you realize there’s a legal impact to being married.
  • Someone who will spend time getting to know you, and treat your ceremony with the dignity it deserves.
  • A person who write the ceremony specifically about the two of you, and your promise to spend your lives together.

Until you stack that price against the venue, the florist, or the photographer, $950 seems like a lot. When you realize that a professional officiant will work with you to make your ceremony more than a “read the script” experience, will be on time and focused on you on your wedding day, well…priceless.

Where does Ceremonies by Jim Beidle fit in?

If you head over to the Affordable Packages page, you’ll find that I start at $732 for a full wedding, plus travel. You’re getting a trained, experienced professional celebrant who will help you plan your ceremony and write your story. Now’s your chance to book for 2024. Click the button!

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