Traveling Feet

Maestro, a little traveling music?

One of the key features of Ceremonies with Jim Beidle is that I travel to your venue. You aren’t stuck with a “wedding chapel” of my choosing. Instead, I will travel to you!

Whether we’re on a volcano or in your backyard, I’m always ready to join you in commemorating life’s achievements. To make that happen, there’s a reasonable travel fee from my office in Arlington Heights. This page is all about those charges.

Mileage, Fares, and Parking


As I mentioned, I calculate round-trip mileage from my office in Arlington Heights in Northern Snohomish County*. I calculate mileage to cover automotive expenses I incur while travelling for you.

For round-trips under 5 hours on the same day, the per-mile charge is:

$1.05 per mile.

If your round trip takes over 5 hours to complete, I’ll split the trip into two days and require an accommodation fee. This way, I arrive at your venue fresh and ready to go, and can get home safely afterward.

Planes, Trains, and Ferry Boats

The most frequent fare I pay in the Puget Sound region is the Washington State Ferry. If your venue is on an island, or the peninsula, I’ll include the fare in your quote.

The same is true for flying or taking the train. If either makes sense to travel to your destination wedding, the fare becomes part of the quote.

When They’ve Paved Paradise

Most venues include free parking, while a minority have parking fees. If I can determine the fee in advance, I’ll include that in your agreement, else we’ll add that to the invoice when it’s apparent.

If you prefer, I will apply the extended mileage charge to cover the parking cost. This way, you have no added costs to your bill.


You are booking 2.5 hours on the day of your ceremony. The time starts when I arrive, usually one hour before the agreed on ceremony start. It’s important that I arrive safe and rested at your venue before your ceremony. As important, I need to travel safely back to the office.

Sometimes your destination is a long drive from the home office. Perhaps you’ve decided on a sunrise micro-wedding at Paradise on Mount Rainier. In those cases, it makes sense to split the drive into two days, staying at a local hotel.

For example, I arrive the day before for an early morning, then drive to your location usually between 60 and 30 minutes before your ceremony. Following your event, I’ll return home.

The two parts of this equation are lodging and food. I base the fee on the average of hotels in the area, throwing out the top and bottom prices. To serve you best, I will stay at a mid-range business hotel.

Accommodation includes food, and food prices continue to rise. The current rate covers those meals on the road.

The current accommodation fee is:

$250 per day.

Wrapping Up

I’m ready to serve you wherever I can whenever I’m available. I’m eager to talk about your destination ceremony, so click the button and let’s discover how I can help you celebrate your life!