Unity Ceremony

The Unity Ceremony is recent tradition in American weddings and is highly valued for its symbolism.  It uses physical elements, such as candles, sand, or wine to represent the blending of two lives  into one cohesive family. The elements chosen reflect the character of each person and the blended elements are the character of their lives going forward from that day.

I provide the ceremony that is the framework for this exchange. The physical elements of the ceremony are the responsibility of the couple. Below I have placed links to purchase the elements from Amazon. You’re welcome to choose from these or find something that is more meaningful.

If you have an idea for a Unity Ceremony and want my help locating the elements, please let me know! The items below represent a small sample of what is available, and I have a number of other sources I can check.

Unity Candles and Sets

Sand Ceremony Inspirations

Wine Ceremony