Rev. Jim Beidle relaxes after enjoying a wedding.
Rev. Jim Beidle relaxes after enjoying a wedding.

As our world continues to confront Coronavirus (COVID-19) in 2022, we have all noticed its effect on our lives. I am taking the steps to keep our families and community safe. I work hard to do everything I can to support you, my wedding clients.

First, please let me know if you need to postpone your wedding. I reschedule my services for a year or more from the original date of your wedding. Many others in the wedding industry are open to rescheduling, too, so let’s sit down and figure out how and when we can make your dreams happen.

Keeping in Touch

Social media plays a central role in maintaining our relationships. As I continue to connect with my clients and advocate for your weddings, please monitor my blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds for timely information and interesting articles from our favorite content providers. Of course, email and Zoom calls are my primary resources as we plan your ceremony. I use every tool that I have available to get to your “happily ever after.”

I remain committed to providing resources and support that you can use. Version 1 of my Vow-Writing short course, here on my website, has been very popular. The first chapter is free for everyone, and the entire course is available at a discount for Bronze, Silver, and Gold Packages. Version 2 is in the planning stages, with extensive video and other original content to help you plan your wedding.

We no longer meet in person for our planning sessions! Instead, we use Zoom, and I make transcripts available for your reference. These wonderful technologies help us help each other without endangering ourselves or our community.

New Programs

Every year introduces changes. In response to the changing economic environment, I revamped all the packages to offer more variety. Bronze and Silver come with either the pledges course or a Unity Ceremony at half-off. And I expanded the kinds of themes we can do from Santa weddings to include fantasy, Medieval, Old Salt, or pirate celebrations.

Many couples who had eloped have reached out to celebrate with friends and family now that the world is reopening. They’re ready to celebrate as they couldn’t before. To accommodate them, and couples who are renewing their vows after 5, 10, 25, or 50 years, I formalized Sequel packages. These offer everything in the regular wedding package except certificate preparation.

Flexible and Fun

We have always needed flexibility, so I’m ready to change plans at the drop of a hat. Our experience during COVID only underscores that point. I’m grateful for everyone working with me to meet the changing requirements in Washington State to keep our communities safe. I continue to offer changes in date and time without a rebooking fee. Need to change venues? The cost is only the difference between mileage and accommodation for your new location.

Thank You

Finally, in this update, thank you to everyone who has entrusted me with their wedding dreams! My friends, thank you for writing a happy ending to your story. And you asked me to help you write it! Thank you!

Stay healthy and safe,

Rev. Jim Beidle

Updated Tuesday, July 12, 2022