Wedding Planning – How a Wedding with Rev. Jim Beidle Works

Planning a wedding can be stressful. From beginning to filing paperwork, I make your wedding planning work for you. I provide the tools and expertise you need to make a great wedding day. Whether you’re going it alone, or you’re working with a planner, I’m your ally in planning and preparing for your big day.

During Wedding Planning

  • Before we even agree to work together, I will provide you with information and tips to choose the right ceremony for you and your budget. View our affordable packages here.
  • Most importantly, from the moment we sign the agreement I work through each step of your ceremony. Together we will realize your vision for your wedding day.
  • As part of the process, I provide tools to make your wedding planning easier. If you’re working with a wedding planner, all of our resources are available to them

During the Last Week

  • About ten days out, I will check in with you to ensure we are ready to go. I check that the Unity Ceremony materials on hand, schedule the rehearsal, and finali the ceremony.
  • At the rehearsal, I guide everyone through your ceremony. Because you want your wedding party to look good, I will ensure they know their roles and places.
  • If I am providing sound for the ceremony, we’ll practice with the microphone. Ultimately, you’ll feel comfortable enough with the system that you won’t worry about being heard.

On the Day of Your Wedding

  • Importantly, I work with your photographer and sound guy to perfect your ceremony and to ensure things stay on track. Similarly, I can provide a sound system to ensure that everyone can hear every word you say to one another.
  • At your venue, I’ll meet with you and set up the chapel, ensuring everything is ready for your ceremony. I make sure to set up your Unity Cermony materials correctly. We’ll practice with the Unity elements before the ceremony to make things happen without a hitch.
  • During your ceremony, I have tissues in my pocket, the ceremony script ready, and all your special elements in place. I’ll help you most by staying calm and by focusing on you and your ceremony.
  • Finally, I help prepare, explain, and sign your legal documents. You’ll understand what each of the papers does and how to file to get your official copy for legal purposes.
Wedding Planning | Weddings with Rev Jim Beidle
Preparing and signing the license with Brandon and Mia.