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Don’t Give Up the Ship

The USS Chesapeake captured in the bloodiest frigate battle of the War of 1812. F. Muller / Public domain

June 1 is “Don’t Give Up the Ship Day” in the United States. It commemorates the lasting message uttered by Captain James Lawrence of the USS Chesapeake when the British Navy boarded his ship while he lay mortally wounded on June 1, 1813. Despite orders not to engage in battle, Lawrence fought the HMS Shannon in Massachusetts bay, near Boston. The resultant action was the bloodiest frigate fight of the War of 1812, and the crew lost the ship to the British in about fifteen minutes.

Under normal circumstances, Lawrence would have been held accountable for his defeat. Instead, he died a hero, and his words have lived on for more than 200 years. The phrase became the unofficial motto of the Navy, and two months after the Chesapeake’s loss, the Navy christened the USS Lawrence in his honor. The Captain of the Lawrence, Oliver Hazard Perry, commissioned a blue ensign emblazoned with the phrase. Perry, under that flag, led his squadron of nine ships to victory in the Battle of Lake Erie just three months after Lawrence’s devastating defeat.

Cool Story, but…

What does that have to do with weddings?

I’m here to say, “Don’t give up the ship!” The recent pandemic and our wretched national news aside, your wedding is a beacon of hope. And, I will help you make it happen!

Whatever your situation, we can make your marriage ceremony happen this year. I’m coming up with several new programs to make your wedding goals achievable and affordable. Keep checking the blog and the rest of the website for details, or get in touch and let’s figure it out together.

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New Military Discount!

It also makes a great story to inaugurate my Military Discount program. I am a military veteran, and, like anyone, I enjoy getting a deal. I hadn’t really thought about this, since the packages I’ve put together already embody a 20% discount over the a-la-carte prices.

Given the way things have gone for us in 2020, this is something that makes sense. Many military couples are on a financial tightrope, especially with the lay-offs in King and Snohomish county. So, this is my first step toward helping couples out.

15% Discount for Active and Veteran Military

With a valid proof of service for either party, I’ll give you a 15% discount on any wedding or elopement package. Proof of service is an Active Duty or Veteran ID card, or a scan of your DD-214 showing an Honorable or General discharge. There’s no expiration on this deal.

So, whether you are a new client or have already scheduled your wedding for 2020 or 2021, get in touch with me to take advantage of this offer. And, of course, you can only take on discount at a time.

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Thank you veterans in a dog tag
From one Veteran to another, thank you for your service.
Bronze Wedding Copper Wedding Elopement Micro-Wedding Wedding Packages

All About Tiny Weddings

As you know, I’ve made many updates to this site during the “Corona-Stay-cation.” Among the exciting changes, I am adding pages describing how each wedding package brings you value. I recently posted the first of these articles, titled “So You Want to Elope.” I talk about Micro-Weddings and Elopements and how I bring you my best service for your money.

These kinds of small weddings are perfect for our times. I recently officiated a lovely backyard elopement for a local couple. How will your May or June tiny wedding look?

Copper Wedding Elopement Micro-Wedding Wedding Packages

A Back-Forty Elopement

“With this ring…” Photo by AareneX

Friday, May 1st, was a beautiful day for an elopement in Cami and Scott’s back yard. It had rained all week in the tradition of April Showers and would rain heavily throughout the day on Saturday. Friday afternoon, though, was perfect.

When Cami first contacted me in April, Washington’s “Stay-at-home” order was entirely in effect, and with good reason. The virus behind COVID-19 had entrenched in Western Washington, with thousands ill, hundreds of deaths, and a recent update of 26 dead in one day. They canceled their planned wedding to keep family members safe. They already had the license, though, so they chose to elope in their back yard.

Planning a Micro-Wedding

There were two challenges for this micro-wedding. Firstly, as always, is creating a special day with a minimum of fuss. I designed the Copper Wedding package with those elopement and micro-wedding goals in mind. Secondly, we had to keep the environment safe for the couple, the witnesses, and me.

Cami and I concentrated on a short, meaningful ceremony that elegantly met the legal requirements. Meanwhile, Scott cleared a path into the woodlot near their pasture, creating a Sylvan byre worthy of an English woodcut. I asked Aarene and Monica to witness and get pictures for us to share. We carefully laid plans to minimize exposure and maximize the fun.

Cami and Scott’s Elopement Day

Reverend Jim Beidle explains the contents of the license packet.

Finally, Friday the First arrived, and Aarene, Monica, and I made the short trek to Cami and Scott’s place. We carefully kept our two meters of separation as we walked back into the woods. After the short, sweet ceremony, we repaired to the stable where the hood of a John Deere made a handy desk to complete the legal paperwork.

In all, their elopement took a few hours to plan and prepare. We spent perhaps a half-hour performing the service and completing the paperwork, plus a few minutes more admiring Cami’s horse, Kid, and his miniature donkey companion, Bambi.

After we left, Brit Solie arrived for their portrait session. They captured some beautiful images while maintaining a safe ecology in their home. What a fantastic way to make a marriage happen in these stressful times!

A Gallery of Photos

“Today I married my best friend! I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and exactly the way it’s supposed to. Now I can’t imagine getting married anywhere but right here at our home! Thank you, Jim, Aarene, and Monica for making it happen you saved us!
“Words can’t describe how lucky I am to have found my person. He’s one of the kindest, most honest and hard-working men I’ve ever known. In the first week we met, we had lined out our dreams, and now every day, we are working towards them as a team. Scott, I’m so honored to be your wife and spend the rest of my life living it to the fullest with you!”


We have just proved that we can make your elopement happen and still keep everyone safe and healthy. It will take a little planning, a bit of patience, and a serving of flexibility. Hit the “Get in Touch” button, and let’s make your dreams come true!

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The End of a Perfect Day! Photo by Solie Designs