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Here is a list of services I provide. Almost all of them are included in one of our affordable packages. Some are customizations you can add to make your wedding uniquely yours.

The listed prices do not include travel or accommodation.

Services Description Price
Consultations For 2021 and beyond, our consultations are Zoom meetings to discuss your ideas and design your ceremony. We must have a minimum of one consultation after signing to ensure I meet your needs. $59 / Session
Certificate Preparation This mandatory session is the time required to prepare your license packet for the County Auditor’s office. Certificate preparation requires two adult witnesses. Preparing your license happens in three parts.

1. We discuss the paperwork that the County Auditor provides, usually after the wedding ceremony.

2. We sign the Marriage Certificate at the wedding or a separate appointment.

3. We get the completed certificate application to the County Auditor.

The base cost to complete the certificate on the day of the wedding is $97.
Conducting the certificate preparation over Zoom is possible. However, it adds additional prep time and postage. To conduct everything over Zoom, however that increases the processing time and related costs. The cost for a Zoom Certificate Prep is $134.
In the event the certificate package is not present at the wedding, I will conduct the ceremony. We will set an appointment to complete the certificate on another date. This incurs an additional one-hour charge for my time plus a travel fee (if required) to the signing location and is not subject to discounts.

$97 to $1341, 2
A Custom Ceremony is part of the Silver, Gold, and Theme packages. Although we start with the basic template, I prepare and officiate a customized ceremony at your wedding. I customize the design with research into the theme and additional consultations. The Custom Ceremony specification includes two additional Zoom consultations and up to five hours of research and editing. We start with an appropriate template; from which I create a thematic speech and you provide up to two readings and choose the benediction. In all the Custom Ceremony includes up to 2 hours of consultation, 5 hours of editing, and the time to perform your perfect ceremony. $4421
Standard Ceremony You find Standard Ceremony in the Copper and Bronze Wedding Packages. This is my “go-to” choice and includes one additional consultation** and up to three hours of editing. We start with an appropriate template, and you provide up to two readings and choose the benediction. Like all ceremonies, it includes time to prepare, edit and perform your wedding. I will use a standard form of a wedding service. $2951
An Elopement Ceremony is the simplest of the three ceremonies I offer. It is an “Out of the Box” ceremony that includes one hour of editing to include your names and preferences. The price includes preparation, editing, and performing your ceremony. Virtual ceremonies require a half-hour additional prep time. $1771
Ceremony Rehearsal I attend and facilitate the rehearsal, helping everyone to understand their part. The cost includes 1 hour of prep time and 1.5 hours to perform. You must schedule the rehearsal at the time of signing, I will guarantee attendance at your rehearsal. $1471
Additional Ceremony Features
Remembrance Ceremony Honor the memory of those who aren't present. At the beginning of your wedding, we take a moment to remember those loved ones whose death or illness keeps them from attending. Always No Cost
Personal Pledges Many couples look forward to writing their vows. And when you have that blank page before you, the task suddenly becomes daunting! With this feature, you have access to my four-module, 8-hour course that leads you through writing your personal pledge. Also included are two hours of editing and two one-hour consultations to produce your best work. This course is included with all full wedding packages. $199
Unity Ceremonies afford a beautiful memory for you and those who attend. They allow you to step beyond the ordinary - beyond traditional ceremony design - and create a wedding that completely reflects you. Your values, your culture, and your lifestyle brought to life at your wedding.

Producing the ceremony includes crafting and customizing the service from your traditions and celebrations from around the world. Visit the Unity Ceremony pages to gain greater insight into these meaningful and valuable celebrations.

The listed price is for producing a Unity Ceremony. Purchase or rental of physical elements, such as candles, sand, or glassware, is separate.

Recognition Ceremony The Recognition Ceremony is a recent addition to afford beautiful memories for your loved ones.

Acknowledging the role our families play in our lives is fast becoming part of the new wedding landscape. In a culture of blended families, beloved siblings, and respected elders, you can go the extra mile by involving those special people in your wedding day. View the Recognition Ceremony page to gain greater insight into these significant and worthwhile celebrations.

Producing the ceremony includes crafting and customizing the service from your family traditions and celebrations from around the world.

The listed price is for producing a Unity Ceremony. Purchase or rental of physical elements, such as candles, jewelry, or glassware, is separate.

Lord's Supper Celebrate the beginning of your married
life with the Christian tradition of the Lord's Supper.  The cost includes producing the ritual and providing fresh elements for up to 100 participants. Each additional group of 50 participants incurs an additional charge, calculated during the quote. Gluten-free is available on request.
with Santa
Invite Santa Claus to officiate your ceremony and mingle with your guests at the reception. St. Nicholas brings a special joy and laughter to wedding ceremonies in the holiday season, and year-round!

I have been portraying Santa professionally since 2012 at parties and corporate events throughout Puget Sound. A member of IBRBS, I have continuously worked on my performance and portrayal of the "right jolly old elf" that will lighten the hearts of your Scroogiest friends.

If you are planning for a holiday wedding, book Santa by August 31st. My Christmas schedule fills rapidly, so move quickly to secure your date.

Notes 1. Subject to a travel fee outside the service area.
2. Additional cost for Virtual Setup.
Wedding Planning
Mia and Brandon tied the knot with Santa Claus in December of 2018.

*- May incur a travel charge.